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Come in and get your hands dirty with our delicious blend of spices.


We would like to personally welcome you to Mr. & Mrs. Crab! We provide a unique dining experience for our guests and hope to have the pleasure of hosting you, as well as your friends and family!

Mr. and Mrs. Crab’s hand-held seafood integrates American country taste with traditional Szechuan spices to create a unique taste. What makes Mr. & Mrs. Crab even more unique is how you are able to create your own individualized experience. After you’ve decided what types of seafood you would like to indulge yourself in, our chefs will have your food cooked to perfection and placed in our specially designed seafood boil bags to be tossed in one of our mouthwatering seasonings. We have a vast selection of seafood to choose from, accompanied by our famous Mr. & Mrs. Crab house seasonings. We can’t wait for you to try our Asian-inspired, Louisiana style seafood boils. We’re confident after you’ve had a taste, you’ll be sharing your Mr. and Mrs. Crab story with all your friends!

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From the beginning, our Mr. & Mrs. Crab team worked diligently in establishing relations, sponsoring local organizations


I’ve been wanting to take my family to Mr. Mrs Crabs for quite a while. After reading the reviews decided to take my mother and sister for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was. I had the A combo and it was cooked to perfection very tasty. My mother had the fried scallops They were good and a lot of them. My sister had the boiled shrimp and it was more than she could eat very tasty. I would highly recommend this place as a place Seafood in the Tampa Bay area


Mr. & Mrs. Crab is awesome! The food is delicious and at a great price! Absolutely blown away by how well everything was done! The drinks were well made and timely. Our waitress Paige was on top of everything and had amazing customer service. Probably one of my favorite lunch spots now! Can’t give them enough


Ive eaten seafood boils in Chicago, New Orleans(the worst), South Florida and other central Florida seafood boil spots. Mr and Misses crab has one of the best sauces. Charlie was our host and she was great! Great service over all. The food was fresh too. I can’t stand seafood that’s over cooked and soggy. Oh and the corn was on point and sweet because we all know that matters!


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